Sister sky in cosmopolitan 2020

Named #1 recommended Native American Product to try in 2020 by Cosmopolitan

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Native max magazine 2020

"Native American women-owned company Sister Sky continues to set itself apart with the authenticity of their story and products"

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buzzfeed news

" A set of Sweetgrass Bath Bombs will give them a luxurious and rejuvenating bath experience."

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beauty independent magazine

"How Bath and Body Care brand Sister Sky puts Native American Ideas of wellness into practice."

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what our customers say

authentically native

Sister Sky, a certified Native American, women owned company is approved by the Intertribal Agriculture Council to use the “Made by American Indians” trademark on the company’s...

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our heritage

Long ago, before medical technology was available, pioneer doctors relied on Native American knowledge of nature to treat illness.  Our ancestors freely shared their healing knowledge of...

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our values

Family, Giving, Home...

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