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Sister Sky, with its profound commitment to inspiring and empowering others on their entrepreneurial journey, stands as a beacon of hope and encouragement to small business owners. The sisters behind the brand have traversed their own entrepreneurial path, experiencing firsthand the challenges and triumphs that come with building a business from the ground up. Through their journey, they have gained invaluable lessons in courage, strength, and resilience, attributes that are woven into the very fabric of Sister Sky.

Having weathered the storms and celebrated the victories over the past 25 years in business, the sisters feel a profound calling to give back and uplift aspiring entrepreneurs. Their experiences have taught them that success is not just about personal achievement but also about lifting others up along the way. Thus, Sister Sky has taken on the mission of inspiring and encouraging individuals to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination and passion.

Sister Sky demonstrates its commitment to supporting entrepreneurship by donating a portion of sales to initiatives that build entrepreneurial capacity in Indigenous communities. This exemplifies the true spirit of entrepreneurship — rooted in generosity, compassion, and a genuine desire for others' success. Through its dedication to giving back, Sister Sky enriches lives and fosters a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem for all.

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