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Meet Monica, the spirited co-founder with a passion for taming tresses and transforming haircare routines. Growing up in the vibrant 80s, Monica was no stranger to the allure of voluminous, spiral perms that defined the decade's iconic hairstyles. However, amidst the allure of big hair, Monica faced her own hair struggles, spending years subjected to the trials of chemical treatments and heat tools in pursuit of that perfect look.

But as time passed, Monica's journey led her to a newfound appreciation for the natural texture of her hair. Embracing her locks' unique character became a mission, one that was empowered by the creation of MinkiSoft—a revelation in haircare. Now, Monica's ditched perms and heat tools for MinkiSoft's magic trio: shampoo, conditioner, and detangle spray.

For Monica, MinkiSoft isn't just a hair care line—it's a lifeline! With its transformative effects, she's made peace with her hair, reveling in its newfound softness, smoothness, and radiant shine. No longer burdened by chemical treatments and heat tools, Monica's hair is softer and healthier and she's on a mission to share the love.



Meet Marina, our fierce co-founder whose lifelong battle with her hair has shaped her into a haircare warrior! With a mane that's long, thick, and practically has a personality of its own, Marina's identity as a Leo is intertwined with her majestic locks. For Marina, proper care and maintenance of her hair is non-negotiable—after all, a lioness's mane is her crown.

Marina's primary hair struggle? Strong, coarse hair. Her strands often suffer from dryness, dullness, and tangles, but she's never been one to back down from a challenge. That's why when MinkiSoft entered the scene, Marina dove in headfirst, eagerly participating in the co-creation process. She became the ultimate product tester, providing invaluable feedback and tirelessly advocating for formula revisions until we nailed it.

Among MinkiSoft's lineup, Marina's heart belongs to the hair mask. It's her go-to for deep hydration, satisfying her hair's craving for moisture like nothing else. With the mask in her arsenal, Marina's mane transforms from dry and lackluster to silky-smooth and radiant, restoring its vitality and luster.


Operations Support Specialist

Meet Melody, our curly hair connoisseur and passionate team member who knows the struggles of finding the perfect hair products all too well. With a journey marked by trial and error, Melody's curly locks have seen it all—from a graveyard of ineffective products to desperate attempts at layering multiple oils, sprays and creams in hopes of achieving hair nirvana.

But amidst the sea of disappointments and waxy build-up, Melody's salvation came in the form of MinkiSoft. This revolutionary haircare brand transformed her entire routine, replacing her arsenal of 8 wash day products with a simple yet powerful trio: shampoo, conditioner, and nourishing mist.

Melody's journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of using the right products. Melody's curls have found their stride. No longer weighed down by excessive product layers, her locks bounce with newfound vitality and luster. With MinkiSoft by her side, Melody has embraced a streamlined approach to haircare, allowing her curls to shine in all their natural glory.


Operations Support Specialist

Meet Sophia, our resident super long hair girl whose journey to hair restoration is nothing short of inspiring. With a hectic lifestyle balancing college volleyball and powwow dancing, Sophia's hair endured its fair share of wear and tear over the years. But amidst the chaos, a new challenge emerged: hair thinning.

Desperate for a solution that would nourish and restore her locks without adding extra stress to her busy schedule, Sophia turned to MinkiSoft. Embracing the simplicity and effectiveness of the brand's products, she incorporated the shampoo, conditioner, nourishing mist, and hair mask into her routine.

The results were nothing short of miraculous. With MinkiSoft by her side, Sophia's hair underwent a remarkable transformation. Not only did it become stronger and softer, but it also regained its thickness, alleviating her worries about hair thinning.

For Sophia, MinkiSoft isn't just a haircare brand—it's a lifesaver. Its easy-to-use, nourishing formulas have become her go-to in her quest for healthier, more resilient hair.

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