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2020 Company Accomplishments

Before January ends, we wanted to share some of our biggest company accomplishments from 2020. Here at Sister Sky, 2020 was a year of growth, gratitude, and a sense of togetherness. Milestones were made and record numbers were broken all thanks to our amazing customers who inspire us to deliver the best products we can. These company accomplishments would never have been achieved if it weren’t for our dedicated Sister Sky team, and our extended Sister Sky family (our incredible customers). What did our followers accomplish?!

Famous Native American Athletes

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, Sister Sky honors and remembers the greatest Native American athletes of recorded history to recognize their preservice and dedication to proudly represent Indian Country. Their inspiration lives forever through Native American students, teachers, and the sports community. Also, to demonstrate positive role models to inspire young Native Americans.

Native American Congressional Representatives

This 2020 election held many first milestones for indigenous peoples across the United States.

Giving Back

In 2019, we were able to donate approximately $2,500 to nonprofits. We have donated to, Native Youth Leadership Alliance, Salish School of Spokane, National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, and Holistic Native.

Gifting in Native American Culture

An act of gifting by the gift-giver is taken with full consideration and with a clean-heart as if to express “I value our relationship and offer you this gift as a tangible symbol of your importance in my life”.


One story of how the jingle dress originated is during World War 1.  An Ojibwe girl became very sick, possibly from the widespread Spanish influenza epidemic. Her father feared he was going to lose her and sought through prayer a vision or dream to save his daughter.

Growing Native Plants - Edible Landscapes and Permaculture

My grandparents lived on a 120-acre allotment on the Spokane Indian Reservation where they grew a garden and some trees. I remember my grandparent’s home with fond memories of flowers, elder, service, and gooseberry bushes, wild strawberries, camas, wild carrots, and old gnarly apple trees.


Indigenous language revitalization is a ceremony of healing. In ceremony, we carry ourselves with a positive mind, spirit, and intention. Move forward in this ceremony knowing that cultural practices and values are not only good for the spirit, but for the mind as well.

Women's History Month - Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers comprised of elders from all over the world, came together for the first time in 2004, to form a global alliance. Their alliance is one of, “prayer, education, and healing for our Mother Earth, all her inhabitants, all the children and for the next seven generations to come.” 

Women's History Month - Early Native American Activist, Zitkala-Sa

In the early 1900's, she began using her platform as a writer and musician to bring attention to many injustices in the Native community. While bringing attention to the injustices, she fought for the rights of Native people when she joined the Society of American Indians

Supporting Black Owned Businesses

As a small, Native American owned business, we know all too well how challenging it is to compete with large retailers. During Black History Month, we want to highlight the importance of supporting Black-owned businesses and provide you with the resources to easily find one near you or online.

Black History Month – Giving Thanks To Black Inventors

Everyday is a great day to learn about black history.  Thankfully, February is dedicated to just that! There are several black inventors we can thank for their amazing inventions, because life wouldn’t be the same without their amazing talent!
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