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Native American Hairstyles

Native American Hairstyles

In the early days of the world, four elements - water, wind, pollen, and light - were created. The first pair of spirits appeared, aiding in the formation of life on the planet's surface. They created man at a place called Háyoolkáál Bee Hooghan, adorning him with dawn and darkness at his feet, white coverings for modesty, and hair formed by rain clouds, tied at the nape of the neck by sunlight. 

As man transitioned from the early world to the White World, he used a hair tie to create a tsiiyéél, a bun, with the intention of gathering his thoughts and plans. This bun helped him stay focused as he addressed challenges in this unfamiliar environment.

The traditional hair bun holds great significance in life, akin to the importance of eagle feathers or tobacco, as it symbolizes a person's identity, intellect, and way of life. Both men and women wear this hairstyle, with each yarn strand used in the bun being considered sacred and purposeful. The tsiiyéél is not just a practical way to tie hair; it is also a spiritual practice and a form of prayer. It would be fair to say that, for many, one’s connection with their hair is a connection to the memory of creation.

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