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Native American Men and Their Hairstyle as a Display of Marriage

Native American Men and Their Hairstyle as a Display of Marriage

Among various Native American tribes, the tradition of wearing hair as a symbol of marital status is a practice deeply rooted in their cultural heritage. The significance of this tradition varies from tribe to tribe, but it is a common thread that runs through many Indigenous cultures. For Native American men, their hair is not just a physical attribute but a reflection of their spiritual and social identity. In many cases, when a Native American man marries, he allows his hair to grow freely, which is often seen as a representation of his commitment to his spouse and family. The length and style of the hair can carry specific meanings, such as long, uncut hair symbolizing a deep commitment to one's partner and the family unit. In some cases, men may braid their hair in elaborate styles, with each braid representing a different aspect of their marital and familial responsibilities. Men with 2 braids usually represent marriage, while 1 means unmarried. This practice not only signifies the union of two individuals but also the integration of two families, as marriage often involves a broader community aspect in Native American cultures. The importance of this tradition lies in its connection to nature, spirituality, and the preservation of cultural values, serving as a reminder of the sacred bond between Native American partners and their life journey together.
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  • I am and adopted Oglala Lakota who is 50 and have just been able to start learning my heritage and am in need of help and guidance to find my way. Please if you can help me or point me to someone or a group to help I would be extremely grateful and appreciate it. Thank you in advanced.

    Michael “Wolf with heart” Walther

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