Supporting Black Owned Businesses

February 15, 2019

Supporting Black Owned Businesses

As a small, Native American owned business, we know all too well how challenging it is to compete with large retailers. During Black History Month, we want to highlight the importance of supporting Black-owned businesses and provide you with the resources to easily find one near you or online.

In 2015, Mandy Bowman created an app for iOS and Android users called, Official Black Wall Street. This app was designed for both consumers and business owners in mind. Black business owners can submit their business information to be added, giving them their own space to be recognized. Consumers can find Black-owned businesses around them or online, rate their experience, set the app to notify the user when they are close to a Black-owned business and more.

We will post other resources below.

Please post links to other Black owned businesses you would like to support, we would love to see them!

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