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The Story of MinkiSoft

The Story of MinkiSoft

Real life sisters Stephanie and Sophia are the daughters and nieces of founders Marina and Monica. One day when Stehanie and Sophia were shopping at Walmart for shampoo and conditioner they noticed there were only hair products for coily and curly hair, and then only products for straight and thinning hair, and nothing for the hair types in between. There was no shampoo and conditioner for diverse hair. They were disappointed and frustrated that no companies were representing hair types like theirs. No companies were making products for hair that is not wavy, but is not straight.  

After seeing there was nothing on the market for diverse hair, Stephanie and Sophia with the help of Marina and Monica, developed and launched MinkiSoft, a hair care line for truly diverse hair. The inspiration behind the name “MinkiSoft” comes from our Native American culture. Sophia, who is a powwow dancer, wraps minks, or otter furs in her hair while dancing. Her Aunt Monica would always comment on how beautiful they look on her, and how her minks are always soft to the touch, from there MinkiSoft was born. We want your hair to be soft, shiny, and healthy, most importantly we want diversity to be represented and respected. Our products have been meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of diverse hair, offering effective solutions for individuals who have faced endless struggles finding suitable products in the past. Sister Sky is definitely disrupting the market, daring to challenge the industry’s standards and paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive future in the hair care industry. 

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