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Sister Sky's Minki Soft: A Licensed Hair Stylist's Rave Review and Insider Tips!

I love Sister Sky's Minki Soft hair products! I am a licensed Cosmetologist with 29 years of experience in the indust...

Native American Wisdom of Hair Washing

For many indigenous communities, rivers and streams held profound cultural and spiritual significance. These water bodies were often seen as not just sources of physical cleansing but also as conduits for spiritual purification and connection to the earth. 

Do Native Americans Need to Go Through Ceremony Before They Style Their Hair?

Native Americans do not necessarily need to go through a ceremony before styling their hair or adorning it with accessories and feathers. The decision to engage in some ceremonies related to feathers is a deeply personal one and varies among individuals and tribes.

More Native Americans Are Choosing to Keep Their Hair Long

In recent years, there has been a noticeable resurgence in the trend of Native American peoples choosing to keep their hair long, and this powerful movement is deeply rooted in a complex blend of cultural revival, historical acknowledgment, and self-empowerment.

Myth vs. Reality about Native American Hair

 In reality, Native American communities, like any other cultural group, have evolved over time, embracing elements of the modern world while preserving their heritage and traditions. It is essential to recognize that just as in any other society, indigenous individuals may choose to dye their hair for personal reasons, such as self-expression, fashion, or experimentation with different looks.

Native American Men and Long Hair

As European settlers encroached upon indigenous lands, they imposed their own customs and norms, including a preference for shorter hair. Many of these changes were forced upon them as a result of the cultural clashes, land encroachments, and pressures to assimilate into European ways of life. Native American men, in particular, began to cut their hair as part of this process of assimilation and adaptation.

Native American Hairstyles

The traditional hair bun holds great significance in life, akin to the importance of eagle feathers or tobacco, as it symbolizes a person's identity, intellect, and way of life. Both men and women wear this hairstyle, with each yarn strand used in the bun being considered sacred and purposeful.

Native American Beaded Hats

The acquisition of these hats came primarily through trade, as Native American tribes engaged in exchanges with European settlers. They traded furs, such as beaver and otter pelts, which were highly valued in the European fashion industry. In return, the tribes received not only Western-style hats but also other goods.

What Do Native Americans Put in Their Hair?

Native Americans incorporate shells into their hair and regalia for several profound reasons that are deeply intertwined with connection to Earth and culture. Shells have held great significance in Native American traditions for centuries, as they are seen as gifts from the earth.

The Story of MinkiSoft

There was no shampoo and conditioner for diverse hair. They were disappointed and frustrated that no companies were representing hair types like theirs. After seeing there was nothing on the market for diverse hair, Stephanie and Sophia with the help of Marina and Monica, developed and launched MinkiSoft, a hair care line for truly diverse hair.  

Harvard and Their Return of Native American Hair

The New York Times reported that the Harvard Museum, specifically the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, has made the decision to return hundreds of Native American hair samples. These samples were collected from Indigenous children at government boarding schools during the 1930s. 

Native American Hairitage Month

As a Native American boarding school survivor, Ramona Klein’s, (76) experience stands as a poignant testament to the lasting scars inflicted by these institutions. She vividly recalls the day when she was 7 years old. One of the most jarring memories etched in Ramona’s mind was her forced haircut. “One of the first things they did was cut my long hair that was down my back,” Klein said. 
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