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The Story of Sister Sky

Yes.......we really are sisters! 

The story of Sister Sky begins with two sisters who grew up in a culture that has rich and meaningful plant traditions respecting nature’s own healing herbs from Mother Earth.

Our Native American grandmothers harvested a variety of plants like sweet grass, cedar and sage to make teas, ointments and creams. Ancient medicine came from plants and helped us maintain our health or cure us when we were ill. -The Sisters of Sister Sky.

Embracing the herbal wisdom of their heritage, the sisters enjoyed a weekend hobby of making natural soaps and lotions in their kitchens. Often, they would take those hand made products to local craft shows to sell. Growing tired of their day jobs, they dreamed of taking the venture full time.   

As faith would have it, Monica's son, Kevin, was born in 1994 with severe eczema and the sisters' hobby proved useful when they mixed up a special lotion that helped soothe his skin naturally. They named the lotion "Kevin's Care" and soon people were asking how to buy more.  Convinced their hobby was destined to be a business, the sisters quit their full time jobs, mixed up an extra-large batch of their products and Sister Sky was officially open for business!


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