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Indigenous Hairitage

Hair holds cultural and spiritual significance for Native Americans. Hair is more than just strands on our heads; it is a symbol of pride, strength, and a connection to our ancestors and culture.

Hair is seen as an extension of oneself and is often regarded as a sacred part of the body. Traditionally, hair grooming rituals and styles were linked to tribal identity, social status, and ceremonial practices. The way hair was worn, adorned, or cut could signify age, marital status, and even the wearer's role in the community.

We have created a collection of blogs and videos that explore Native American hair traditions. Our hope is to foster a heightened awareness for a culture that is frequently misunderstood and marginalized.

We share information in a good way, and we aim to engage our audience in a journey of learning that is enlightening.  We appreciate your feedback, so please share your thoughts in the comments section where available. 

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