A Mom's Quest to Help Her Son

My son, Kevin was born with severe eczema. His skin was so dry, he itched constantly. When he was small, I used to put socks over his hands to keep him from itching until he bled. I tried every tube, jar and bottle of lotion on Kevin but nothing seemed to help. He cried in pain when I put lotion on his sensitive skin because he told me his skin "burned" and the lotion would "sting".
My quest to find relief for my son led me to my own kitchen where I created Kevin’s Care lotion with natural oils and herbs to help soothe and heal Kevin’s skin. I borrowed herbal wisdom from my Native American heritage and infused healing herbs to comfort and soothe. The lotion I made for my son worked to soften and soothe his skin without stinging or burning. Since then, Kevin’s Care lotion has helped many people who suffer from dry, stressed skin. We receive numerous emails and calls from happy customers who tell us how it’s helped.

Kevin has outgrown his severe eczema. He suffers from occasional flare-ups; however, he uses the lotion named after him and tells me it’s the best.
It is my hope Kevin’s Care lotion continues to naturally and effectively soothe those who suffer with troubled skin.  

-Monica Simeon, Company Co-Founder and Kevin’s mom


Currently, Kevin is a 2019 GKS international scholar. You can meet Kevin and follow his adventures while he earns his masters degree in South Korea at: https://www.instagram.com/kevin_krub/


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