Gifting in Native American Culture

“The Spokan (Native American tribe) practiced different types of gift-giving between kinspeople, friends…and acquaintances. Gift-giving – whether spontaneous, premeditated, or delayed – tended to establish a new relationship, maintain an existing one, or even re-establish a disrupted relationship that was necessary for social, political, or economic reasons.” - The Spokan Indians, John Alan Ross.

“As a Native American woman ‘gifting’ is woven into my personal fiber. I have witnessed, organized, and/or participated in large Potlatch (gifting) ceremonies and small intimate (unique occasion) gifting ceremonies. Among Native American people gifting (be it small or large) is a personal and or familial gesture of relationship bonding. An act of gifting by the gift-giver is taken with full consideration and with a clean-heart as if to express “I value our relationship and offer you this gift as a tangible symbol of your importance in my life”. This type of indigenous cultural gifting carries much more depth and significance than modern western culture gifting events.” Marina TurningRobe, Co-Founder, Sister Sky.

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