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Giving Back

Giving Back

“I think one of the coolest things about my mom’s company is how they give back to Native Communities.” – Stephanie Turningrobe (Daughter of Co-Founder)

Growing up and spending a lot of time on my reservation, involved in my culture, and in my Native Community, I have been lucky enough to see all the beauty, but also the struggles.

My ancestors survived through tremendous hardships and are the reason we are still here.  The historical injustices experienced by Native Americans have created some of those same hardships for us today.

However, when you do purchase at Sister Sky, your purchase actually matters and provides funding for important efforts to strengthen, heal, and help Native American communities thrive. We donate 2% of our sales to Native American nonprofits that promote culture, education, health, and wellness.

In 2019, we were able to donate approximately $2,500 to nonprofits. We have donated to, Native Youth Leadership Alliance, Salish School of Spokane, National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, and Holistic Native.

Native Youth Leadership Alliance is a leadership society program that strengthens traditional cultures, restores fluency in Native languages, and strives to protect our lands. Salish School of Spokane provides Salish language Revitalization that powers cultural renewal and builds a stronger, healthier community. National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center is dedicated to ending violence against Native women and children throughout the United States. And Holistic Native helps to inspire a Holistic Native Lifestyle and to deconstruct the effects of colonization by educating, empowering, enrichment, and inspiration.

Sister Sky strives to make a positive impact on our valued customers and tribal communities. As Native People, giving back will always be one of our core values.


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