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Giving Back This Holiday Season

Giving Back This Holiday Season

As a Native American owned company, we believe it’s important to give back to our community to promote health and wellness.  This holiday season, we’ve chosen to give back to our missing and murdered sisters, as a part of our Sister Sky Sunday.  An important organization and movement in our community is, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, also known as MMIW. 


For decades, the Department of Justice has ignored the violence against our Native women and girls.  This has allowed thousands of women in our communities to go missing and/or murdered without being accounted for.


On June 28, 2016, Senate Resolution 514, declared May 5, 2017, as National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls.  This is also referred to as the Savanna’s Act.  “This bill requires the Department of Justice (DOJ) to update the online data entry format for federal databases relevant to cases of missing and murdered Indians to include a new data field for users to input the victim's tribal enrollment information or affiliation.” To learn more, please visit,  


Earlier this year, another Washington State House Bill 2951 was signed, requiring research as to how the rates of reporting missing Native American women can increase. It’s dire to have a database that keeps track of our missing and murdered women and children. To learn more, visit   


A report was done by, Urban Indian Health Institute is a division of the Seattle Indian Health Board (report attached below) and the numbers are alarming. This is a serious epidemic that needs a great deal of attention, which is why we have chosen to donate 25% of all sales over $100.00 on Sister Sky Sunday, November 25, 2018.  Make your purchase have a greater purpose this holiday season.

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