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Native American Heritage Month - Honoring our Elders and Ancestors

Native American Heritage Month - Honoring our Elders and Ancestors

As we celebrate Native American Heritage Month, it’s very important for us to recognize and honor those who help us understand who we are and where we come from, our elders and ancestors.

The amount of information our elders embody about our culture, traditions, and language is irreplaceable. Our elders speak for our ancestors who came before them; teaching us our ways of life. They play an important role in keeping our culture and traditions alive.

The elders who are still living today have endured a great deal of trauma and loss in their lives. Their resilience is to be admired and just one of the reasons they are highly respected in our communities.

We hold our elders very near and dear to our hearts and are very protective of them. Provided below are links to very well written articles about the importance of our elders.
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  • I love reading stories. Thank you for sharing parts of your culture with us.

    Erlinda Larsen

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