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A Message from the CEO

A Message from the CEO


As the excitement grows and launch day approaches, I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for joining our New Product Wait List and Facebook page.

At Sister Sky, we believe your decision to join is a testament to the trust we have built as the #1 Indigenous Brand with a simple mission: make products deeply rooted in herbal heritage that contain clean ingredients.

 Now in our 24th year in business, I remember Sister Sky's humble beginnings, when I was a young mother determined to help my son with eczema.  When I couldn't find an effective lotion to soothe his skin, I revitalized wisdom from my heritage and made my own!  I infused oils and herbs that were used for centuries as natural remedies and created our bestselling product, Kevin's Care Body Lotion.  That flagship formula, along with our commitment to creating purpose driven products, has propelled Sister Sky to expand our focus to include hair health.

 Using the same principles of herbal wisdom and clean ingredients, we have formulated a line of products that provide the essential vitamins and minerals our hair needs.  Hair health is critically important to our overall wellbeing.  We are confident our new line will bring out the best in your hair resulting in smooth, silky, and touchably soft hair. 

We are thrilled to have you join us on this journey and we appreciate your loyalty, trust and support.



Co-Owner / CEO, Sister Sky

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  • Do you still sell sweetgrass shampoo and conditioner?

    Lisa Seid

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