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Ribbon Skirt Traditions

Ribbon Skirt Traditions

The exact origin of the Ribbon Skirt is difficult to pinpoint, as it's use and wear have been shaped by cross-cultural interactions and significant events in Native American and Tribal history.  
Native American women across North America traditionally wore long skirts adorned with beads, quills, and other embellishments for ceremonies and to signify their sacred place in the the cycle of life. While wearing these skirts, the fringe and other elements would rub against the plants and make contact with the ground, collecting the medicine needed to be the bearer of life and remain connected to Mother Earth. 
Today, the ribbon skirt is gaining prominence in everyday fashion for many Native women. It serves as a symbol to honor the resistance and resiliency of our ancestors, as a way to maintain our cultural awareness and pride, and to share traditions and heritage.
Last week, some of the Sister Sky team members stayed late to make ribbon skirts. We came together to share tips and ideas, stories, and laughs, celebrating our past and looking ahead to the future. 
Sister Sky Ribbon Skirt
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